5 Misconceptions of Business Process Management

5- Why do I need real time data, I get spreadsheets monthly.

Real time data from Business Apps allow for all data to be presented as it happens, giving you the advantage of assessing what works and what doesn't allowing for on the fly processes adjustments.


4- I don't need all of my data at the touch of a finger.

Business Apps compile data which is retrievable from any device with an internet connection at anytime, giving a greater insight and understanding into the business processes anywhere, as it happens.


3- My business keeps up with information just fine.

Because of the large amount of information which is flowing within a businesses process, spreadsheets simply aren't available immediately for on the go adjustments. most of the time, business process information is not logged efficiently or at all. this business information can be a "gold mine" for identifying problems and opportunities.

Business Apps, unlike spreadsheets keep you up to date with the speed of information.

2- I'll never get a quick ROI on Business Apps.

With Business Apps, a quick return on investment is what makes them so attractive. Being targeted towards small and medium sized businesses, it’s our goal to gain our clients with a full ROI within the first 12 months. Very few investments can come close to that.


1- My Business is already efficient.

Many small business owners are not even aware of the significant cost saving opportunities which are available with modern technology. By conducting a Business Apps consultation with LinxSmart experts, business processes which can be improved are spotted immediately and various solutions can than be implemented to create efficiency where you've never thought possible.

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