6 Tips To Reach Your Audience On The Go

In the last 2 years, mobile email use has increased from 4% to 20%.  At the end of the day, if your email marketing isn't optmized for mobile, you're likely missing out on opportunities

Improving your regular email design to be mobile-friendly is the simplest solution.  Keeping your emails looking good on computers, tablets and smartphones can be tricky, so here are a few tips.

  • Subject line: The first 15 characters is all that will be seen by many mobile users.  Ensure you contain your main message early in the subject line.
  • Layout: Keep your layout simple, rather than complex multi-column layouts.
  • Width: Do not exceed 600px wide, slimmer is better for mobile usage.
  • Links and Buttons: Don't run the risk of a "mistap", ensure the links and buttons in your emails are spaced out and sized for easy tapping.
  • Tap-to-call: Make it as easy as possible for users to contact you.  Use a plain text phone number or a tap-to-call button.
  • Best practices: Many best practices or desktop designed emails still apply to mobile.  Balance images and text, and keep copy to a minimum are a few key points.  Of course, remember a plaintext version.

Its always important to keep your message clear and to the point.  So keep these in mind for your next email blast.  Good luck!

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