A Business App Solved the Issues a Major Insulation Manufacturer Faced

When a Major Insulation Manufacturer Needed to Improve Upon Its Unique Business Processes, They Called LinxSmart  

Etobicoke’s Climatizer Insulation; a successful manufacturer of cellulose-based thermal and acoustical insulation, hydroseeding mulch, and other specialty fibres; was in need of something to improve its Vendor PO and Customer Sales Order processes.

The LinxSmart Process: We Determine The Issues Seated Within Your Unique Business Processes

It begins with a consultation with LinxSmart’s Business Analysts. We will work with you to determine the issues that pose as a hindrance, and then pass the task on to our highly-skilled Development Team to build your own, fully customized, Business App.

And that’s exactly what we did for Climatizer Insulation.

To ensure our clients receive the best possible product, LinxSmart’s expert Development Team utilize the most up-to-date and current software development practices. When working on new projects, we gain an understanding of what the client needs and what the client wants. We cross that with best practices of software development combined with suggestions in order to make the most efficient system.

The goal is to fully understand the issues a client faces within their business processes and design a Business App that will not only rectify their current problems, but foresee what problems could arise down the line and solve them preemptively.

LinxSmart Designed a Business App That Rectified the Issues Within Climatizer Insulation’s Unique Business Processes

The Business App solution provided structure, and also automated tasks within the Vendor PO and Customer Sales Order processes. It also provided automated dashboards based on statuses that serve as an initial foundation to additional Business Apps.

With just a simple phone call, we can determine the issues within your unique business processes that hinder you.

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