A millennials journey into the working world

As a LinxSmart marketing intern in my third and final year at Mohawk College, I’m preparing for life after Advertising and Marketing Communications. It’s time to get out into the work world, accept my first job and be happy right? Well it's not quite that simple as millennials, you see we are generally seeing an excellent work-life balance in regard to potential work environments, looking for benefits such as matching RRSP contributions and having the availability to work in and out of the office at times of sickness and bad weather. We feel that we need so called perks to garner our best performance.


While searching for a potential internship, it really dawned on me as to what I think is the ideal workplace for myself and my fellow generation. By speaking with other millennials in and around my age bracket at Mohawk College, I engaged fellow students in a discussion, asking them questions about perks which would garner maximum performance day in and day out. It seemed quick and obvious to them that they prefer to be involved in a open concept office space in which the superiors are visible, as opposed to being hidden away in a closed office all day. When asking ten fellow classmates about their ideal workplace, about three quarters of them yelled out Google because of their fun, relaxed and creative work environment.  


I feel as if employers are going to need to adapt or at minimum consider potential changes which can improve their employees mood in the work environment. Every employer wants their employees to reach their maximum potential in performance and productivity as well as live a happy life, so why not start brainstorming with your employees on how their work-life balance can be improved?

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