Are you still not on social media?

If you have not incorporated Social Media into your business by now, then you’re missing the boat.

Social Media is more relevant in everybody’s life in the year of 2014, due to the high percentage of people owning a smartphone device. With over 70% of adults using social media outlets such as Google+, Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram it is one of the main channels that will allow you to reach your target audience on a large scale while building your brand image.

Some of the key factors you will able to address using social media:

  • Brand Awareness - Create and increase brand awareness by participating in social media on a consistent basis.

  • Customer Relationship Management - Communicate with customers with regards to questions or concerns they might have. Networking and interacting with followers can lead to a long term relationship.

  • Market Research - Given the right omit tools such as provided by Facebook, Google Analytics or Socialbakers, your business can measure its progress and analyze interactions with its target audience.

  • Consumer Education - Keep your followers up to date with information that concerns them. But not just the events happening at your company, also interesting information from your industry which customers may find informative.


With that said find out what social media outlet is best for you and your business, it might include multiple channels. Stay consistent with your content and engage with your followers. Provide them with content that is of their interest while at the same time building your brand image.

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