Big Data: Building Your Team in the Digital Age

Psychological research requires a lot of testing, and a lot of surveys.

When relying on surveys, there is a necessary assumption that the subject can be trusted, and that they are answering factually rather than guessing or feeling.

Much of the reporting around depression is based entirely on these surveys. Data, however, might know you better than you know yourself. Big data means the field of psychology can work faster, more efficiently, and even uncover things they never before thought possible.

In a recently published article entitled, “Using Science and Data to Build Your Teams,” author and expert, Daniel Newman, writes:

Enter data. Yes, Big Data is no longer just for customer and business analysis. It’s now helping business leaders map personality traits within their teams to help them work more effectively,” adding that Deloitte recently created a system called “Business Chemistry” that utilizes a mix of brain chemistry, business-relevant personality traits, and statistical models to determine four major work styles typically found in modern office environments.

“Deloitte’s four main work personality types include the Pioneer (creativity, innovation), the Guardian (order, pragmatism), the Driver (momentum, results-driven), and the Integrator (connection, diplomacy). While everyone has a bit of each type, most of us lean more heavily toward one or two,” he writes.

Companies are scouring the Internet for data about potential employee's professional lives, applying the big data technology to years of employee surveys and tests, and even picking up new data from specially designed games.

“It’s not always easy to work with other people! In fact, we’re all so different it’s often a wonder we get anything done at all,” writes Newman. “As you move your company forward, be sure to consider when collaboration is necessary (or not), and where you can empower different personality types by delegating decisions and planning.”

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