Components of a Good Business Process: Which is Your Business Missing?

A good business process is one that has eliminated time-wasting redundancies allowing your vital team members to perform what they were hired to do; to do what they’re good at. And by allowing them the freedom to flourish; unhindered by weighty, menial tasks; your business will in turn flourish.

Admittedly, it is difficult to determine if what you’re doing is indicative of a good or bad process.

But, ask yourself this:

  • Do you constantly find yourself putting out fires?

  • Are you limiting your business’ processes by following a “cook book” approach instead of widening your scope?

  • Are you taking advantage of newer, more sophisticated forms of technology as they become available?

  • Do you think about your process and how it could be improved?

Now that we’ve established some of the properties of business process management, let’s take a more comprehensive peek at the components which make up a good business process. I now refer to’s blog entitled “Top 5 Benefits of Good Business Process Management”.

1. Cost Efficiency

Streamlining the various departments within your business to focus process management with workflow management and task management will both quicken the pace and result in better overall work without having to slash any budgets. LinxSmart can develop a Business App that can do just that.

    2. Business Agility

In order to contend in the highly competitive marketplace, today’s business needs to implement a system that each and every employee can access and work through, creating an agile workforce that customers will notice and be pleased with. A fully customized Business App will provide you with the essentials needed to implement such a system.

    3. Compliance Ease and Visibility     

A business’ vital documentation, including accounting, client and legal information, needs to be organized and filed appropriately for ease of access for all parties. A business can incur great costs if these important documents aren’t handled right, so a system designed specifically for this purpose needs to be implemented to avoid wasted time and major legal penalties.

   4. Customer Focus

Today’s customer demands thorough proof of concept processes that document how they will be serviced. The professional, 21st century business needs to ensure that customers are satisfied in this regard. Working with the customer, in real-time engagement, is the way to achieve this, and customers need an interface through which to interact. This is the reality, and a Business App geared specifically for customer/contractor interaction is something we at LinxSmart pride ourselves on being able to create just for you.

    5. Team Satisfaction

Your team is the lifeblood of your organization. Without them, the vision for your business would be lost. So make them happy and passionate about working for you! Create a rewarding business environment that motivates them to aim higher and higher. An internal intranet system on which all staff can log into and see what everyone is working on is a great way to tie it all together. Team members can collaborate and plan and work together. It increases communication. I increases efficiency. And a Business App modified just for your business process will achieve this.

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