Conversational AI for the Enterprise: Why Your Business Should Look Into This Upgraded Tech

As customers, many of us have had conversations with chatbots—they’re often our first point of contact when we have a question about our service or account. But we’ll soon be interacting with them at work too, as companies adopt chatbots for internal enterprise and B2B applications.

In a recently published article entitled, “A New Computing Paradigm: Conversational AI for Consumers and The Enterprise,” experts, Dan Wellers and Til Pieper, write:

“A chatbot is a service that, in the most basic form in many implementations today, responds through pre-programmed rules to queries it receives through a messaging interface,” adding, “Despite the name, a chatbot doesn’t necessarily do any chatting. Rather, you tell it what you want, from ordering products to triggering actions, and it responds accordingly.”

With so much attention focused on consumer chatbots, though, it is easy to miss a trend that will further amplify their impact: companies adopting chatbots for internal enterprise and business-to-business applications. These applications are bringing greater productivity and efficiency to a wide range of enterprise activities.

“As machines get more sophisticated at understanding and responding in natural language, we’re also seeing a massive growth in another type of conversational application: digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and SAP’s upcoming Copilot,” Wellers and Pieper write.

Advances in cognitive technologies are making it possible to provide increasingly accurate and relevant automated dialogues. For example, speech recognition software has made advances in reducing word error rates, and machine translation has improved thanks to deep learning techniques.

“This isn’t simply the emergence of a new interface. It’s an entirely new paradigm for computing, and in terms of the business world, the end goal is nothing less than enterprise AI,” they write.

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