Culture Change or Tech Change? What Comes First in Today's Business Landscape?

Introducing any form of new technology will invariably have an impact on the company culture. But should the latter act as the true driver of organisational change?

Technology can be a catalyst for change, yet culture has the power to nurture forward-thinking tech adoption and long-term business growth.

In a recently published article entitled, “What Comes First: Culture Change or Tech Change?”, author and expert, Daniel Newman, writes:

“Throughout history, technology has driven cultural change. Consider the major cultural and social impacts of the Industrial Revolution, cars, and computers, for example,” adding that in our personal lives, technology has brought about cultural change in ways we probably don’t even recognize, such as relying on social media and texts for our communications vs. seeing each other in person, streaming Netflix rather than heading to a local movie theater, or downloading music instead of buying CDs.

“As technology advancements are made, they influence workplace culture by enabling change,” he writes.

Embracing digital technology is not just a business necessity, but a smart cultural move. The proliferation of digital and mobile collaboration tools has cemented online communication as a completely new mode of operation for employees. As a result, investment in smart collaboration tools shouldn’t be seen as a cost of doing business, but rather an investment in both your business and its people.

“Being open to change—either technological or cultural—can also work to a company’s advantage. Organizations can use their corporate culture as a recruiting tool, for example, competing for top talent by offering a collaborative, creative environment as opposed to a top-down leadership one. At that point, the culture becomes a competitive advantage, but it does not happen without the technology to enable it,” writes Newman.

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