5 Tips to Design a Better Website

Success in the Toronto web design industry relies on many different factors.  With design being one of them, here are five important points to remember when creating a new design for a web site.

Do your research
I research new and old artists, designers, sites, magazines and books.  Keep up with design trends and ideas. Learn the history of web design, why we have moved in the direction that we have, and understand where the industry is expected to go.  These points alone will give you greater visual knowledge and more ideas.

Stay open minded
Be unique, and open to new ideas. Don’t get stuck in your habits and comfort zone.  Sometimes exploring different avenues opens you up to a whole new world of ideas.

Know your software
You may know a shortcut or two in Photoshop, but it might be time to take it a bit further. Knowing your software inside out will save you a lot of time. It will also make ideas you had which you thought were too difficult much more possible.
Get to know your client
Learn as much as you can about your clients likes and dislikes.  This will help you start off on the right track and move effectively to a great end product. 

Simple concepts are often best
Don’t over think an idea to the point it becomes confusing even to you. Simple often works best.

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