Does Your Business have a Mobile Strategy?

Imagine a world where your smartphone is not connected to your emails, calendars or contacts. For many people, myself included, it would create a sudden disruption to how we do business. Having this information available to us through our mobile devices is an important component to how we handle our business information.

I believe in the near future that small business owners and managers will feel the same way about being connected to their unique business information, like key performance indicators.

A few examples of mobile real-time business information includes:

  • Sales / quotes / quotas
  • Production updates & statuses
  • Financial reporting
  • Mobile notifications based on unique business logic

Our expectation as mobile consumers is to have access to information anywhere we have our mobile devices. This would include viewing business information from the perspective of a CEO, VP or other management positions. Having access to this information can provide businesses with an informational competitive advantage. If managers can identify trends with new data being made available to them, they can effectively react to situations and make better decisions. As well, if information is summarized and presented to the user effectively, it can actually remove the need to perform other redundant tasks.

Are you aware of your business’s key performance indicators, anytime or anywhere? Or, would you be able to make better decisions if you were notified the moment a specific step is completed in your production process? This kind of information is quickly making its way onto our mobile devices, and can strategically offer a competitive advantage. Some businesses will implement it sooner than others, when will you?

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