Expanding Our Website

Maybe you've noticed that things have been changing on our Toronto web design site lately? Well, every website needs to grow alongside a company and that's exactly what ours has done. We've added the column you see on the right hand side for browsing all of our news and recent projects.

This is also part of our plan to start featuring more announcements from our clients as well as advertising each website that we launch. We want to help our new clients as much as possible and this should provide them with some additional traffic flow.

We're also in the process of adding more detailed information to each project in our portfolio. This will help in demonstrating our abilities to those searching for a Toronto web development company and possibly give our clients some ideas for expanding their websites.

In the near future we will be offering several packages that are designed to help monitor and improve the effectiveness of your website. This will involve enhanced statistical tracking as well as personalized evaluations and suggestions for improvement. Expect to hear more information on this later this summer.

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