Facebooks EdgeRank Boosts Exposure (Infographic)

Facebook is an amazing tool to gain exposure and awareness among followers, but are your posts and content actually being seen? EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine the level of exposure and reach a Facebook post will receive among the publisher’s connections in their newsfeed. Similar to Google’s secret formula which is used to rank web sites, the Facebook exact formula is highly guarded.  Keep Facebook’s EdgeRank’s algorithm in mind when making posts and you’ll surely gain more exposure.

EdgeRank takes into consideration the posts weight, affinity, and time decay.

1)    Weight (Media type: the most engaging posts are videos which rank higher than pictures and plain text. The number and level of interactions: a user sharing a post to their wall weighs more than simply Liking it)
2)    Affinity (Posts will gain more exposure to users who you interact with the most)
3)    Time decay (Newer posts are more relevant and popular than older posts. So the more engaging and fresh your posts are the more exposure they’ll receive)

Facebook EdgeRank


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