Featured in the Business Link Paper!

LinxSmart is being featured in the Hamilton Business Link Newspaper!

The result driven professionals at LinxSmart Solutions take a new approach to website standards; they counter the old-school approach to web design by providing quality and adaptability while still keeping costs affordable. Their “No Short Cuts” policy and dedication to customer satisfaction, the first time, allows them to be a new leader in the website design and support industry.

LinxSmart Toronto web design provides a full range of web services, including leading edge website development and custom web programming from a simple webpage to complex solutions. They offer E-Commerce applications and Content Management Systems that are adaptable to suit your needs. LinxSmart websites reflect their powerful combination of creative design, cutting-edge database-driven programming and internet marketing.

LinxSmart Solutions works with you, the customers, to design a custom website that helps your business thrive. “We establish a website framework with our customers the first time we meet,” explains Ryan Barichello, Development Director. “From there, we make their vision a reality, without wasting time with unnecessary back and forth communication.” By understanding customers’ wants and needs from the very beginning, the professionals at LinxSmart Solutions can customize the right product for each unique customer.

Having a website is one thing, but maintaining it is another. In fact, many businesses simply don’t make all the changes and updates they should because of the cost involved in having their developer do it each time. LinxSmart has a solution to this common problem. Their LiveTools software allows you to make changes to your site without any technical knowledge. This allows you or your employees to login with individual usernames and passwords from any online computer. This is ideal for websites needing to make frequent changes to keep their customers interested and up to date.

“Websites need to be maintained,” explains Sean Doering, Creative Director. “You can’t just create a website and forget about it. It’s not a billboard. A, website needs constant attention to keep visitors coming back.” The LiveTools software provides you with the ability to maintain your website with out assistance or added costs.

Some business owners believe that simply posting a web site will cause customers to beat a path to their door. They’re only half right. It takes a bit of technological wizardry to build the traffic flow to the site. LinxSmart Solutions employs some proprietary search engine placement techniques to maximize your online presence. By directing qualified, potential customers to your website you can become a leader in even the most competitive markets.

The professionals at LinxSmart Solutions keep a close eye on technological changes and techniques to stay on top of an ever-changing industry order to deliver the best service to their customers. LinxSmart Solutions takes great pride in giving their clients the unfair advantage against their competition.

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