What you need to know about Google +1

In June 2011, Google account users received an email from Google entitled: "Google Webmaster Central: The +1 button code is ready for your site." So what is Google 1+? How do you use it? And why does it sound so familiar? All of these questions will be explored and you can decide if Google +1 is right for your company's website.

What is Google +1?
Google +1 was created with the idea of using social media as a way to collaborate everyone's favourite -topic specific- websites onto one main site. As a signed-in Google user you can +1 a site and it will be added to your Google profile for other contacts to see and explore. Also, if you're a business you can add the +1 button to your site allowing visitors the opportunity to +1 your website and share it with the world thus, expanding your company's market. 

How do you get started?
To get started using Google +1 you have to create a Google Public Profile. This shows other contacts and Google +1 users who recommended the site. The profile does allow the user the choice to make their profile private or public to the world.  As well, other Google account users can browse your +1 picks for suggestions on topics like, "the best Italian restaurant in Hamilton," and be directly linked to their website. Also, the profile creates a social media site to download pictures, chat with other users and store a list of all the things you have found that you love on the web.

Let The Competition Begin!
Now if Google's +1 button sounds familiar it may be the Facebook "like" button that you are thinking about. It is no secret that Google and Facebook have accepted each other as rivals. The continual battle for advertising revenue keeps the two empires in competition. In an attempt to compete with Facebook, Google has required its +1 users to created the Google Profile, discussed earlier. This profile, similar to Facebook's Profile will allow Google to collect much more specific information about the target audience of each business. For example if you are photography business looking to buy advertising space with Google they will be able to promote that they know the habits of each one of their profile users.  With this information Google can ensure that your business ad will be posted on the profile sites of the users who have searched or recommending anything to do with photography. This is target marketing at its best!

The overall future of Google +1 is continually developing. It is clear though that the button is only a small piece of a very big project Google is creating. 

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