How Does Your Business Measure Up in the Digital Transformation Ring?

Company culture is like an employee’s attitude; it will make or break you. Your company’s culture is a strong determining factor in its adaptability.

So, how is your business doing with regard to adapting to the digital age?

Digital transformation has struck companies large and small, yet many don't know how to move their efforts to the next level. Success requires executives to continuously promote strategies designed to both spur innovation and generate revenue.

In a recently published article entitled, “Where’s Your Company with Digital Transformation: Novice, Capable or Innovator?”, author and expert, James M A Williams, writes:

“Before companies can experience true success, they need to honestly assess how digitally innovative they are in comparison to their industry.”

Williams’ Digital Transformation Criteria

Below, Williams outlines the criteria essential to prove whether your business is a Novice, is Digitally Capable, or is a Digital Innovator.


  • Digital novices tend to have minimal digital contact with end users but understand the mandate to change

  • Characteristics include:

    • legacy systems unable to support valuable online engagements

    • teams with limited skills and experience working on digital initiatives

    • and frequently an unwillingness to find outside expertise to help build a business case and convince companies to move faster

Digitally Capable:

  • Digitally capable companies incorporate data analysis into their business workflows to provide insights for decisions around additional digital investment

  • Digitally capable organizations focus on putting into practice digital visions with company-wide support, they build on early successes to institutionalize “digital,” and create a roadmap of best-practice digital product development and innovation

Digital Innovator:

  • These are the companies that have aligned digital to their strategic business objectives for long-term success

  • Companies at this stage derive insights and create modern digital experiences to address customer needs, while improving their digital transformation roadmap and their team trained on the latest technologies

  • And for those mature digital innovators, remember: innovation and change never stops if you intend to remain a leader

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