How Proprietary Tech is Changing The Game

Proprietary technology was once predominantly utilized by SaaS (Software as a Service) companies or companies that have technology at the core of their business, but those days are rapidly receding as more and more businesses, in any sector, are beginning to implement custom technology to manage their unique business operations.

In an article recently published in Forbes, author John Hall writes, “Companies already feel the pressure to streamline and digitize a variety of aspects of their businesses, from management to distribution to marketing, and the standard solutions on the market just aren’t a custom fit.”

Hall argues that companies who don’t implement technology to complement their services and meet the changes in customer expectations are headed for extinction. “Your services — no matter how effective they are — will fall behind companies that offer service paired with the convenience, organization, and efficiency of custom proprietary tools. The big winners in the next few years will be companies that offer a blend of service and technology that delivers the best experience to the client.”

So how does one take the first step in implementing custom technology within their business?

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