How Small or Mid-Sized Businesses Can Truly Benefit From Today's Digital Tech

Adopting Some Form of Digital Technology is Common Practice For Today’s Small and Mid-Sized Business

The technology available to us today allows small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to operate full steam ahead, even though they might not have the staff available to them like the big boys do.

Some of this digital technology come in social collaboration tools as well as mobile apps, communication resources, and the cloud – these are just a few of the many options available.  

But, when implementing new digital technology into your small or mid-sized business, it must be determined that the tech will produce almost immediate ROI, while not being a drain on business revenue.

“The technology must transform market risk into opportunity and cost into revenue immediately, without disruption, and with little to no impact on cash flow,” writes Rodolpho Cardenuto, President of Global Channel and General Business at SAP.

Here is a list of the top small business software of 2015.

Why Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Can Benefit From Digital Technology More Than Large Corporations

1. Being small is your advantage

Being a small to mid-sized business is advantageous in the fact that you can change up your business practices easily to meet ever-evolving needs quickly.

2. Smaller footprint accelerates impact

As a small to mid-sized business, you’ll need to research and scrutinize every piece of software you require. But, the upside is, you won’t need to sink thousands into every bit of cloud-based software like big businesses do. Just a few pieces will do, and you can upscale as you grow.

3. Less diversification brings greater focus

Because your small or midsize business is less diversified, you can implement focused solutions that can help the entire company use a multi-channel approach to entering new markets, targeting new customers, or expanding the portfolio to respond to customer demand.

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