How Social Media Changed Branding

The dinosaur media outlets which you've become accustomed to throughout your life such as newspapers, radio and television are not only enormously expensive to use as a promotional tool, but costly to create as well. So even though at times they may be beneficial for big established brands, you need to ask yourself if its even worth considering using those outlets over the new kid in town, social media. With the surge of social media popularity the past decade, everyone who has a computer has more than likely created an account and continue to spend hours daily interacting with others and browsing. You see, social media outlets require personal information on every user’s gender, age, education and location among various other questions which build a character profile. This means that businesses are now able to target their market demographic directly without the spill.


Social media has evolved into far more than a virtual tool to see what friends and society in general are up to, as it's now an ever growing outlet into offering various businesses the best bang for the buck when it comes to enhancing their online brand image. For way under a thousand dollars, a business can now reach just as much potential customers or clients as a couple hundred thousand dollars would with a television campaign. Sit back and think about just how popular radio was before television and how popular cable television was before the internet. Social media is the biggest media revolution we've ever seen.

So when seeking various strategies on reinvigorating your brand on a limited budget, consider your attention to social media outlets and directing your energy towards those who do fit your brands demographics and psychographics.

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