Manage Social Media in Less Than 30 Minutes

Social media can increase the revenue of any business. However, it does require effort. The biggest hurdles company’s face is lack of time. If your time is limited, try executing the most valuable efforts first. For many companies these high valued efforts include asking customers to “Check-in” or leave a review. For companies with a strong YouTube presence who use videos as part of their sales funnel, this effort may include driving YouTubers to their YouTube channel in order to convert into customers.

Other than managing your high value efforts, you can opt-in to receiving email notifications from social network when an interaction occurs. This way, you’ll know if you need to respond to someone by simply checking your email. Check this once every couple days. There multiple methods and high value effort in social media any business can engage in, but various factors such as time constraint, technical ability, internal processes, desired ROI will determine how your efforts and strategy are executed.

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