If Your Business is Suffering, Look at the Process, Not the Problem

It’s not a singular problem that needs to be solved, it’s your business’s process.

Are you constantly behind due to organizational faults in your company’s system? Do you find yourself picking up slack for your colleagues because they have last minute assignments dumped on them regularly? Perhaps it’s not one singular problem that needs to be solved. Perhaps it’s the overarching process of your business that needs to be fixed.

“Fix the Process, Not the Problem”

In a Harvard Business Review article, the author examined why a certain paper company was losing more than $1 million per month. The company was focusing on particular problems when they should have been expanding their scope and looking at the entire business process.

“[...]everyone at the paper mill became a problem solver. Together, managers and mill workers learned to take the initiative not just for identifying problems but also for developing better processes for fixing problems and improving products,” the author writes. “Their approach did not depend on key senior executives taking charge and telling people what to do. Instead, the entire organization learned how to learn. The key to their success: a multi-year learning process in which employees developed four progressively more sophisticated problem-solving loops: fix-as-fail, prevention, finding root causes, and anticipation.”

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How LinxSmart’s Business Apps Can Help

We at LinxSmart will analyze your unique business process and design a Business App that will rectify what issues you face. And we will help you to understand the problems inherent in your process. Take a look at one of our past blogs entitled “Tied Up in a Web of Disorganization? Untangle That Web with Business Apps!” that will explain how Business Apps will benefit your business through simple organization.

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