Intelligent Business Applications: The Dawn of Machine Learning

From expense trackers, to conferencing scheduling services, mobile desktop operation or workflow assignments, it’s easier to accelerate your business through digital transformation.

With a grounding in advanced analytics and more intelligent computing, utilizing business applications with machine learning will allow you to push forward through the stumbling blocks of traditional brick and mortar business operations.

In a recently published article entitled, “Machine Learning: The Rise of Truly Intelligent Business Applications,” author and expert, Rayn Veerubhotla, writes:

“Machine learning is a new breed of software that can learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning can access, analyze, and find patterns in huge quantities of historical data in a way that is beyond human capabilities,” adding that patterns can then be refined using supervised learning until the software has learned to identify a defined set of parameters and trigger the appropriate actions.

“To make machine learning a reality in enterprise applications not only requires a new breed of software, it requires advanced processing power to process the vast amounts of training data needed to make the algorithms intelligent,” he writes.

Implementing intelligent, machine learning business applications into your organization puts you on a more competitive technological field. Using these solutions in your business can do away with many of the clunky processes that can severely slow down transactions and workflow and cost you precious time and money. The administration of more intelligent business applications offer both physical and economical benefits that can help to ensure your company’s long term success in a vast digital world.

“The combination of the new breed of software with affordable supercomputing power is game-changing. For the first time, intelligence can be built into enterprise applications, allowing knowledge work to be automated. In addition, completely new use cases that could not be contemplated before are possible,” writes Veerubhotla.

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