Internal Disruption: Your Business's Digital Transformation

Your Business’s New Digital Strategy Can Be Detrimental to Your Internal Operation  

When companies decide to build a new digital strategy, they often underestimate the impact it will have on the way they operate internally. There is often a tendency for people within the organization to perceive the approaching digital plans as just another channel that will supplement their existing channels.

In reality, the new way of doing things will be multi-channeled and it will likely disrupt the entire organization in the beginning, as it transforms the organization into a digital-driven company that uses multiple traditional and nontraditional channels to engage with customers.

In a recently published article entitled “Do Companies Get a Home Field Advantage?”, authors Michael S. Goldberg and Vivek Ravishanker write:

“The digital technologies that are transforming the world economy have converted once-solid industry boundaries into permeable membranes through which new players may enter—or exit,” write Goldberg and Ravishanker.

The Digital Age Offers Companies Opportunities Through Internal Disruption

Companies that stay focused on core business segments are most profitable.

“Digital technologies are now fundamental to creating new business opportunities, observes Pontus Siren, a partner at innovation consulting firm Innosight,” write Goldberg and Ravishanker, adding that companies are discovering profitable ideas by utilizing technology to update legacy processes.

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