Internet Marketing Basic: Reduce Your Bounce Rate

How would you feel if you owned a business where 50% of visitors turned around and left after taking 1 step in your front door?  Pretty poorly I’d imagine.  Hopefully this isn’t also happening on your website.

From an online perspective,  the percentage of visitors who leave your site without visiting another page is called the bounce rate.   You want to keep this as low as possible.  At first this seems like a tricky problem, but by following these easy steps you can significantly improve your bounce rate.

Reducing Bounce Rate

  1. Targeted Traffic

    The more targeted your traffic is the better. For example, if you own a health-care facility, advertising and interacting with a health related blog is much more targeted than the website of your favourite  local soccer team.
  2. Improve Page Speed

    The expectation for immediate results  and satisfaction online is constantly increasing.   If your site takes more than a couples seconds to load,  you could be risking a lot of bouncing visitors.  If this is the case, don’t worry – it’s most likely an issue your web company can easily resolve.
  3. Keep Consistent

    The content (text, images, video, etc.) on your landing page must be consistent with the content visitors saw before they came. This could be on a Google search result page, paid advertisement, or another source which links to your site. For example, you don’t want an advertisement for organic food linking to your homepage where all sorts of  organic and non-organic products are listed.
  4. Simplistic Design

    A clean, simple, and easy to navigate website is an important factor to decrease your bounce rate.  Visitors must trust you and be shown a clear path to the desired conversion.  Attempt to make the journey to this destination as effortless as possible.

Lastly, remember to review your website traffic reports regularly.  Keep an eye on your bounce rate as you make changes to your website to see what works best.

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