Keeping Up with the Digital Education Movement

Learning is perhaps the only area still largely untouched by digital transformation.

In a recently published article entitled, “Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Education,” author and expert, Daniel Newman, writes:

“Gone are the days where students are expected to sit quietly at their desks. Educational technology is succeeding in making learning collaborative and interactive.”

It’s not just that curriculums aren’t keeping up with the skills required for a future of exponential change in which skills learned today can be obsolete in years or even months.

“Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are examples of transformative technology that enhance teacher instruction while simultaneously creating immersive lessons that are fun and engaging for the student,” he writes, adding, “Virtual reality has the capability of bringing the outside world into the classroom and vice versa. Apps such as Unimersiv can transport students to ancient Greece, while Cospaces allows students to share their virtual creations with the world.”

Our entire standard approach to education — top-down, one-size-fits-most, heavily biased against collaboration, and generally ending in young adulthood at the latest — has barely changed since the industrial revolution.

No wonder the status quo is a poor match for an imminent future in which entire groups of people within specific job types and industries will be made redundant by automation and will desperately need new skills to adapt to the changing workplace.

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