LinxSmart Can Solve Any Fault in Your Unique Business Process!

LinxSmart will Analyze and Solve Issues in Your Unique Business Process

We at LinxSmart will analyze your unique business process and design a Business App that will rectify what issues you face. And we will help you to understand the problems inherent in your process.

Business Apps was the vision of LinxSmart since LinxSmart President, Ryan Barichello, started up his Hamilton-based web development company back in 2006, but it wasn’t the focus. Back then, LinxSmart leaned more towards web design.

“The web design industry has changed significantly since 2006,” says Barichello, 31. “There are many great pieces of software available now for designers to utilize, so it has increased the amount of services available. It has created a bit of an over-saturated and overly-competitive environment.”   

But, after a recent re-branding effort, Barichello is at last focusing on what he excels at most: solving issues in unique business processes with Business Apps.    

“I have experience in a variety of programming languages and have developed innovative solutions to streamline business processes of LinxSmart's clients,” says Barichello adding that much of his strengths and interests reside in designing web and mobile applications geared towards business efficiencies. “Integrating web-based applications into real world business scenarios is my greatest area of interest.”

LinxSmart will Create Solutions Based on your Unique Business Process

LinxSmart has worked with many large-scale companies to improve its unique business processes using customized Business Apps. Below is a selection of the businesses for which LinxSmart has designed Business Apps.

Manufacturing Client (National)

Our client was looking to improve the communication of sales volumes to its remote sales teams members. The solution provided a function of collecting sales information, storing in a database and presented to sales team members. Sales team members can now access these reports via their smartphones.

Collision Repair Client (National)

We designed a solution analysis that would allow this client to achieve greater e-Marketing automation, reporting, and data integrity in the process of collecting customer repair orders and completing phone surveys to gain CRM type data. With our solution analysis, our client would interact with the Business App for managing and logging their interactions with calls. Detailed tracking of interaction data could be collected and utilized for automated reporting functions, including the tracking and reporting of email capture rates of customers. Staff would be able to track promotions available per store, and to assign valid promotions to specific customer repair orders. The entire Business Apps solution analysis has been designed with the use of open source software which is both cost effective and scalable for future requirements.

Manufacturing Client (Local)

A client of ours was looking to improve its Vendor PO and Customer Sales Order processes. The solution provided now structures and automates tasks within each of the respective processes. It also provides automated dashboards based on statuses, and serves as an initial foundation to additional Business Apps.

Manufacturing Client (National)

Our client, a large-scale manufacturer, was looking to improve and update the prescription forms within its software. The process of updating future prescription forms is now more scalable and less expensive. The system now matches current functionality, including sending order data to their SAP system. The solution provides this large-scale manufacturer with a web-based interface where its customers can login, create orders, and upload scan files. The production staff of this large-scale manufacturer can now manage the production status, send data to SAP, and access information about the orders.

Anything Can Be Achieved With LinxSmart’s Business Apps

“We work with our clients by defining and modeling their processes. We provide a plan to move them to modern techniques/technologies like Business Apps,” says Barichello. “We then execute the software development lifecycle on their Business App, launch it and then support them in the future, including additional functionality.”

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