LinxSmart President Ryan Barichello Featured on Local Entrepreneur Podcast!

If you’re a business owner and know about LinxSmart’s Business Apps and the benefits they provide, but have been on the fence about whether to give us a call, this podcast will alleviate that anxiety.

LinxSmart President Ryan Barichello was featured on a recent edition of Jurgen Rudolf’s Open Roll podcast; a weekly show in which he sits down with entrepreneurs, or “Business Artists”, which he calls them, to discuss their business and offer advice for the fledgling or aspiring entrepreneur.

In this edition, which aired on Oct. 30, Mr. Barichello discloses, quite clearly, what a Business App is, and how businesses can thrive with it.

“We build Business Apps for clients; whether it’s a web application or a mobile application, we build custom Business Apps for customer requirements,” said Mr. Barichello adding that LinxSmart helps clients better manage business information that they currently are not managing very well. “A lot of times it’s because they have a very unique process and there’s no existing software available, or they want to do something a very specific way and there really is no solution. Most of the time, they resort to using Excel spreadsheets, or, even worse, they’re still using paper. It’s expensive. It’s redundant. It’s error-proned.”

A prime example of a Business App at work is the highly-popular massage therapy software, SOAP Vault. Mr. Barichello said this came to fruition through building a solid relationship with a local college who offers a massage therapy program.

“We were building Business Apps for their school. They came to us looking for a solution to manage their students, programs, terms, course notes, invoices and all the administrative work around the college, and we built that,” said Mr. Barichello. “And since they’re a massage therapy program, one of the next tasks they wanted in a Business App was SOAP Notes, which is the documentation of massage treatment.”     

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