LiveTools is Born!

Managing your Website?

Some of our clients may be familiar with the previous version of our management software, more blandly named "LinxSmart Administrator". There was, however, nothing bland about this application. It demonstrated to us and it's users the power and value in custom administration tools. We were able to develop the administrator in 'add-on' applications that took care of most of the average user's needs at a low cost - from here we were able customize these applications in situations that required it.

Why did we do it?

Throughout the last year of using LinxSmart Administrator we were continually making improvements and finding better and more efficient ways to view, edit, and store information. After enough of these improvements we wanted to simplify the user's experience, making it even easier to navigate through different sections and accomplish what they were there to do. We were also looking to open our Client Center for clients to view their website statistics, invoices from monthly billing, manage their maintenance credits and make payments online. The result was the release of LinxSmart LiveTools.

Simple and Fast.

LiveTools brings the power of our Administrator into a user friendly environment that looks great and is fun to use. The possibilities are endless with this software. You can have control over of managing every possible element in a photo gallery from creating albums, tags, descriptions and organizing the photos within them. We used feedback from all of our clients using this application to provide this bulletproof solution to everyone. The same approach goes into each LiveTool for managing other elements of your website such as Event Calendars, Testimonials and Message Boards.

You have all the Power.

It gets even better; LiveTools goes far beyond managing basic content. We can integrate applications to manage your product listings with all of the required specifications and handle the resizing of images for a professional online catalogue. We can take your website to the next level with professional and secure e-commerce abilities and actually be able to back it up with software that makes it simple. You can track inventory, order status and history and any other information associated with selling a product or service online.

For more information on LiveTools or our Toronto web design services contact LinxSmart Solutions at 905.393.6052 or through our Website on the Contact Page.

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