Machine Learning: How AI is Beginning to Disrupt Today's Business

AI and the Concept of Machine Learning is Trickling Down into Our Daily Lives

Machine learning may be one of the most important yet misunderstood technological advances in recent years.  The predictive stage is happening right now, but the ML 3.0, or the prescriptive stage, provides a great opportunity for the future. This would open the platform to developers, third-party providers, data scientists and engineers to contribute to the building of a 'playbook' of network applications.

It's no longer the preserve of artificial-intelligence researchers and born-digital companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix. Each of us experiences the benefits of machine learning intelligently applied each day, whether it's a recommendation engine used on an online shopping site or when your credit card is swiped and the transaction is automatically compared with a database to help your bank determine possible fraud.

Big data is streaming into businesses all over the Internet from various data sources like sensors, social media data, excel spreadsheets, reviews, customer data, etc. And, also, the Internet of Things (IoT) networks, embedded systems and devices are generating real-time data that is ideal for further optimizing supply chain networks and increasing predictive demand. As IoT platforms, systems, applications and sensors permeate value chains of businesses globally, there is an exponential growth of data generated.

Future IoT and AI applications will make the move into the marketing space, so companies can get smarter about their customers.

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