Mobile Friendly Web Design

2010 saw a staggering growth in mobile usage with more then 70% of the world’s population owning a mobile phone, not including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The use of mobile device browsers has exponentially increased over the last few years as the demand for instant information grows. To keep up with this trend in 2011, it is important then for small businesses to a create mobile-friendly website to ensure they do not miss out on potential users, marketing opportunities and mostly importantly, sales.

When creating a website that is mobile friendly there are a few usability guidelines to consider.  Unlike creating a PC based website the function, design and navigation of a mobile website is very different.

First, quick, simple, function allows your user to access information with ease and meet their needs. Mobile device users tend to have reduced cursor control, by having a clean and consistent layout, it becomes clearly recognizable and easy to navigate. Also, providing mobile versions of critical "call to actions" on your mobile website is extremely important.  You do not want people required to browse back to the desktop version of your site if they are trying to send in a sales inquiry.

Another guideline is to maximize the amount of space you have on the mobile device by providing a well organized page layout. The actual screen of a mobile device is much smaller then your users PC therefore, limiting the amount of information you can display to them  at one time.  These are just a few suggestions for creating a mobile-friendly website. With the huge growth in mobile device usage small businesses need to pay attention to the future and start planning your mobile strategy now!

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