Mom & Pop Shops Get Techy

In the last couple years technology like smart phones and web apps have spawned a growth spurt in small business. Business owners are now beginning to realize the efficiencies and growth which is possible when adapting apps into their processes.  

Although the economy is still in recovery, they’re growing without added employees. Hiring has declined yet business owners remain optimistic. The vast majority of small business owners have adopted apps in some capacity - from simply using email on their phone to managing their entire inventory. Small business are now serving more customers with less staff. Overhead decreased and the additional cost savings are encouraging further business development and innovation.   

More Efficient Business Apps

Other apps businesses are using to improve efficiencies are geared toward sharing info, communication, advertising, real-time data, presentations and logistics. E-commerce technology especially, has enabled all sizes of business to easily buy or sell  their products online. In a way - technology has leveled the playing field and allows small businesses to compete with the big boys.

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