New Innovations Will Push Forward the Future of Computing

Advances in technology are happening every day, invisibly, all over the world.

It can take months or years for most of us to hear about great advances in computing and other tech areas because most innovation won’t change our lives until that innovation becomes practically applied to our lives and those of everyday people.

In a recently published article entitled, “7 Innovations That Could Shape the Future of Computing,” author and expert, Souvik Banerjee, writes:

“Moore’s Law posits that the number of transistors on a microprocessor — and therefore their computing power — will double every two years. It’s held true since Gordon Moore came up with it in 1965, but its imminent end has been predicted for years,” adding that, as long ago as 2000, the MIT Technology Review raised a warning about the limits of how small and fast silicon technology can get.

“The thing is, Moore’s Law isn’t really a law. It’s more of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Moore didn’t describe an immutable truth, like gravity or the conservation of momentum. He simply set our expectations, and lo, the chip makers delivered accordingly. In fact, the industry keeps finding new ways to pack more power onto tinier chips,” he writes.

A decade or more ago, something like silicon chips were in the realm of science-fiction and imaginary curiosities. But 2017 has been a major year for tech, and consumer buying habits and the flow of investments will determine if many of these amazing computing advances stick around to change our lives even further.

“Even if silicon chips are approaching their physical and economic limits, there are other ways to continue the exponential growth of computing performance, from new materials for chips to new ways to define computing itself,” adding, “While we may be approaching the limits of what silicon chips can do, technology itself is still accelerating. It’s unlikely to stop being the driving force in modern life. If anything, its influence will only increase as new computing technologies push robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nanotechnology, and other world-shaking advances past today’s accepted limits.

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