Optimum Wellness Clinic Site Launch

LinxSmart Toronto web design recently launched the website for the natural health care center, Optimum Wellness Clinic, in Missisauga. They specialize in the elimination of allergies and intolerances through the use of BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE).

What is BIE?

(BIE) helps reprogram the body to accept allergens such as pollen to be harmless to the body, and therefore eliminate any symptoms that are triggered by the allergen. Optimum Wellness Clinic does not diagnose allergies as a medical doctor would, instead they identify energetic sensitivities and allergies through their assessment process.

This is an all natural process that doesn't involve the use of needles or drugs. Rather than just addressing the body's symptoms they look to changing the body's reason for reacting in the first place. It has also been proven to be one of the most effective approaches in the treatment of food, chemical and seasonal allergy symptoms. Their clients can see and feel the results after only a couple sessions, when they have been living with severe symptoms for so many years.

Why haven't you heard of this technology before?

Unfortunately, BIE practitioners do not have the huge advertising budgets the pharmaceutical industry uses to increase awareness. This proven treatment has grown primarily by word of mouth through proven results.

How long does this treatment last?

Once the intolerance is removed, you will most likely never experience symptoms from the same substance again. Approximately 75% to 80% clients are cleared of intolerances during the first session. However, depending on the degree of intolerance, the stress level of the client, the amount of bodily toxins and the strength of person’s immune system, the others may require a second, third or, rarely, even a fourth session.

If you suffer from any allergies or intolerances we recommend you contact them and inquire further about their services. You can visit their website at

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