Passwords, The Key To Your Social Image

Do the passwords, password123 or 123456 look familiar? Well even if they don't, you should truly think about the importance of having multiple intricate passwords for not only your personal, social media and email accounts, but for your businesses social media and email accounts.

Nothing looks worse on a business than when their social media account gets hacked into and starts sending clients spam and not only that, personal message information can also be stolen, bruising the image you've been building for your brand. With the importance of social media accounts, it's vitally important to maintain not only a secure password but secure security questions when creating an account. Generally security questions can be changed, so no need to restart a social media page, just update and keep your password to yourself.

By keeping your accounts secure you can save yourself and your business from a massive headache from potential trouble which is easily avoidable, so take the time and change your passwords for the sake of your brand.

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