Phase Out Those Old Legacy Systems with Business Apps!

A “legacy system”, according to Techopedia, is: “outdated computer systems, programming languages or application software that are used instead of available upgraded versions.” A legacy system is not necessarily defined by age. Legacy may refer to lack of vendor support or a system's incapacity to meet organizational requirements.

These legacy systems can cause major problems for businesses such as high maintenance costs for intricate patching and modifications and costs associated with old hardware updates to reconcile compatibility issues.

Techopedia suggests reasons why an organization might continue to use legacy systems might include: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" — the system might work adequately. The system is complex, and documentation is poor. Simply defining scope can be difficult. A redesign is costly, due to complexity or monolithic architecture.

This all seems daunting, especially for those of us who aren’t IT-savvy. So let’s take all this jargon and simplify it. Basically, in the 21st century, if your business isn’t caught up with the times, digitally, then you’re not running “full steam ahead”. Let me just assume that as a General Manager, your ultimate goal is to make sure everything is operating at 100%. Sure, your team is on time in the morning and the phones are being answered politely and to standards, but why is it that sales aren’t climbing and net revenue is stationary? It’s possibly because you’re operating on a legacy system.

It’s LinxSmart’s mandate to ensure your business is keeping up with the times. We want to see those sales figures increase; we want to see your net profit skyrocket. And with Business Apps, we guarantee that will happen. We’ll analyze your unique business processes and design a fully customized Business App to fundamentally eliminate your old, legacy systems, and upgrade you to 21st-century standards.   



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