Re-Imagine Your Business Model By Embracing A Digital Culture

Re-Imagining Your Business Model, Processes and Customer Experience With Digital

Embracing a digital culture within your business can mean making a move from processes that you’ve been using since your company’s inception. But, to compete today, it is an utmost necessity to do so, and we’ve got you covered in order to make the daunting (yet very important) switch. Merijn Helle, vice president of Retail and Fashion at SAP America, and author of “Digital Means to Re-Imagine”, writes that digital means to rethink the ways you’ve always operated.

“First, digital means re-imagining the business model – moving from selling products to selling services, from transactions to subscriptions, or shifting from wholesale to direct-to-consumer,” writes, adding that it also means re-imagining the business processes.

“For example,” he writes, “taking back control of the promotional calendar pushed on retailers by fast-moving consumer brands (FMCBs) and ensuring offers that are aligned to the category strategy and are valued by the customer.”

And lastly, he writes that it means re-imagining the customer experience – focused on presenting a seamless, consistent, authentic view of your brand.

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