Retaining customers can be a sticky business, but we're here to help.

What is customer “stickiness”?

It’s certainly not a term that arises as often as, say, “quality” or “innovation”. It’s not a new term either. Well, perhaps its adhesive epithet is new, but, synonyms such as “customer retention” and “loyalty” have been repeated in the lexicon of business for years.

So, now that we’re familiar with “stickiness”, what is “stickiness”?

According to “It is the degree to which the existing use of a product or service encourages its continued use as opposed to that of a competitor.”

Interesting, no? Hmm... Now, I bet you’ve decided to set down your tablet, or remove your laptop from upon your lap, and make yourself a tea to clear your head of this barrage of verbiage.

Let’s break “stickiness” down so that it’s a little more palatable and digestible.

“Stickiness” is...

Customer Service

Create “stickiness” by treating customers like royalty; treat customers like individuals. Offer enhancements to regular service features like same-day tailoring and home delivery.

Shift from a “Product-Focused” Business to a “Product-and-Long-Term-Service” Business

Provide your customers with a guarantee of productivity gains; translation: continue to upgrade and improve upon whatever product or service you initially sold the customer. And make sure to let the customer know you’ve got their back!

Share “Knowhow”

Satisfy customer curiosities by allowing them to visit your facility or office. Make them aware of what new designs you’re working on, or what new piece of technology you’ve developed. Shed the veil and reveal how your business operates. Introduce them to your team and allow them to ask questions.

Build “User Communities”

Host a workshop or presentation event, and invite your target market. Don’t speak of your product or service, but display your expertise by providing demonstrations conveying your knowledge of the product or service in question. Those in attendance will get to know each other, and get to know you and your business even better.      


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