Should Your Business Digitally Strategize or Digitally Transform? What's the Difference?

How much appetite for going digital do you have?

Are you looking at a digital strategy or a digital transformation? The two terms are often misused, in part by being used interchangeably when they are in fact two very different things.

So, in the age of digital business, does it mean you need to implement a digital strategy, or that you need to execute a digital transformation? What’s the difference?

In a recently published article entitled, “Digital Strategy vs. Digital Transformation: What's the Difference?” author and expert, Braden Kelley, writes:

“In our digital age, all companies must change how they think, how they interact with customers, partners, and suppliers, and how the business works inside,” adding, “Customer, partner, and supplier expectations have changed, and a gap is opening between what they expect from their interaction with companies and what those companies are currently able to deliver. Companies must immediately work to close this expectation gap, or the entire business is at risk.”

Digital Strategy

Kelley suggests that a digital strategy is a strategy focused on utilizing digital technologies to better serve one particular group of people or to serve the needs of one particular business group.

Digital Transformation

Meanwhile, he writes, a digital transformation is an intensive process that begins by effectively building an entirely new organization from the ground up, using the latest digital technologies, the latest tools, and the latest best practices and emerging "next practices" to develop a plan for making the transformation from the "old way" of running the business to the new, digital way.

“For change efforts and projects to be successful, the organization must also focus on project planning and management, behavior planning and management, and communications planning and management,” Kelley writes, adding, “The related projects, behaviors, and communications must all be effectively planned and managed in a way that keeps all three in sync.”

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