Skills and Talent Management in the Age of the Digital Business

As the majority of enterprises undergo digital transformation,

it's easy to turn to buzzy technology solutions involving big data and machine learning to get you to your digital goals. However, digital transformation is the destination, and these technologies are just tools to help companies along the journey.

In a recently published article entitled, “Five Pillars of Digital Transformation: Skills and Talent Management,” authors Ashutosh Kumar, Joao Ribeiro, Jose Carvalho, and Kay P. Hradilak write:

“The rise of digital enterprises is bringing an opportunity to fully reimagine business models, business processes, and work, leading to further streamlining and leaner enterprises. This means that the interactions between people and technology will become further implicit and seamless,” adding that customers and employees will acquire a new level of exposure and need for simple, cool, but relevant applications.

“In fact, the penetration of consumer-grade applications makes people more knowledgeable on any topic they interact with, increasing their expectations for exactly that: simple, cool but relevant applications,” they write.

When it comes to skills and talent management, during your company’s digital transformation, it is essential to increase your employees’ resilience to change and to cultivate the ability to learn new skills.

“Digital is becoming the core business, and any organization not acting on it risks losing revenue, market share, and eventually business relevance. Don’t be fooled: each person, whether customer or employee, is impacted by this change. Agile collaboration will be paramount when it comes to defining successful teams,” they write.

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