Standardization vs. Customization: Which Method Will You Choose When Going Digital?

How To Know If “Off-the-Shelf” or “Custom” Software is Appropriate For Your Business

Every business today needs to utilize the advantages of software to not only survive, but grow. Researching and learning about what types of software work for your unique business is vital, but what if the standard “one-size-fits-all” software doesn’t “fit” you?

In an article entitled “Build vs. Buy: How to Know When You Should Build Custom Software Over Canned Solutions”, author and expert Chuck Cohn suggests that it is important for business owners and managers to consider what they currently have, what they intend to do, and if a more customized approach will increase productivity when exploring software needs. .

“Balancing your company’s immediate needs with its long-term growth is both paramount and challenging – especially if your business is a startup,” he writes. “Challenging questions arise, such as whether you should invest aggressively in long-term initiatives or take the less expensive and more conservative approach. The ‘build versus buy’ decision, for example, is a significant one that many companies face when addressing their software needs.”

Building Custom Software Means Implementing a System Perfect For You

Like a tailored suit, custom software contours to the ebb and flow of your business to perfectly suit your needs.

“If your business has specialized needs, custom software may be better qualified to meet them,” writes Cohn.

But, on the same token, sometimes off-the-shelf software is the perfect solution. It all depends on the needs of your business.

Some of the benefits of off-the-shelf:

  • Lower up-front cost

  • Contains many features, often more than you need

  • Support is often included or can be added with a maintenance contract

  • Upgrades may be provided for free or at reduced cost

  • If it's software-as-a-service (SaaS) there is no hardware or software to install

LinxSmart’s Business Apps Can Help Your Business Digitally Transform!

We build custom software for companies in scenarios where there is no off-the-shelf solution to the problem. We will analyze what issues your business faces and design a fully-customized Business App to work seamlessly within your unique business process.

Large, mid-sized or small business? It doesn’t matter. LinxSmart’s expert staff will design and develop custom software that will help your business to flourish.

Custom business software is all we do!

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