The Battle for Talent in the Intelligent Tech Arena

The right technology talent can be hard to find. But executives can learn from the ways in which leading organizations develop, retain, and recruit good people.

In a recently-published article entitled, “Winning the War of Talent in the Age of Intelligent Tech,” author and expert, Niveditha Kesavanm writes:

“The world of work, the environment, and the entire value chain are in the wake of a massive transformation. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, natural language processing, robotic process automation, machine learning, and other technologies are not only paving way for smarter solutions through automation and new business opportunities, they are threatening entire industries with digital disruption,” adding that, thanks to machine-learning capabilities infused in cloud-based HR platforms, job postings and job vacancies can now reach a wider pool of candidates whereby the machine suggests appealing word choices to help attract diverse candidate pools.

“Another example of transformational HR capability powered by machine learning is the ability to predict the risk of employee attrition based on key drivers such as compensation, historical performance ratings, time between promotions, etc. Managers can use this data to enact appropriate retention techniques,” she writes.

Integrating new talent in a technology organization (or any other organization) costs money and, more important, is time-consuming and risky, particularly at the management level. Screening candidates, conducting interviews, negotiating employment terms, and getting a new hire up to speed in his or her role can take six months or more, even for a midlevel manager.

Therefore, the first imperative in winning the war for technology talent is to develop and retain the team you have.

“Machines will assist us with automation, data, and insight, but they won’t supply human judgement or ingenuity—people will do that. HR must be the torchbearers of this wisdom.”

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