The Digital Awakening: How New Technologies Are Irreversibly Changing The Workplace

The “Human and Digital Recombination” is Changing The Workplace

So, what is the human and digital recombination? It’s the idea of the “digital worker”; the shift from physical labour to intellectual labour.  

In a special report published by D!gitalist Mag entitled “Our Digital Planet: Rise of The Digital Worker, The New Breed of Worker”, an undisclosed group of experts write: “In this brave new world of hyperconnectivity, the ‘digital worker’ – a data-driven individual skilled in converting information into revenue – will stand in the middle and direct traffic, as it were,” adding that the speed of information and data is driving such significant change in how and where we work that the digital worker is becoming a critical resource in decision-making, learning, productivity, and overall management of companies.

Embracing new work practices enables companies to not just look digital, but be digital. Business leaders are keenly aware of the opportunities and potential from the digital economy, yet they struggle with where and how to start their transformation to becoming digital.

How Digital Technologies Are Changing The Way We Work

There is a new game in town — intelligent processes — which have been made possible by the explosion of digital technologies, and which are set to reinvent much of the way that businesses are run.

“The traditional management and organisational model is quickly getting outdated in the digital economy, and true leaders are changing their management approach to reflect this,” the authors write, adding, “Senior executives will have to be more visible and approachable for employees and customers alike – in short, both colleague and captain.”

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