The Digital Transformation: Why Your Business Needs to Transform to Survive

What is Causing Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is more than just technology – it's a culture. And when it comes to tools, these nine traits have emerged as fundamental to the digitally transformed workplace arsenal:

It’s hard to put your finger on.

What is digital transformation… really?  

In an article entitled “What is at the Heart of Digital Transformation?”, author and expert Susan Walker suggests that digital transformation is due to human mobility.

“The digital era is gaining incredible momentum, and smartphones are changing the way that many businesses interact with their customers, employees, and partners. This places mobility at the heart of digital transformation,” she writes.

How is digital transformation any different from what’s been done before?

Office workers have benefitted from a computer with internet access for years and even more are now equipped with smartphones, but Walker posits that, in the last four years, mobile technology has become the preferred choice for customer service – either through text messaging, mobile phone self service, website browsing, social media, or using a cellphone to talk to a company representative.

“It’s not surprising that people have come to rely on their mobile devices. Most people can pinpoint amazing capabilities that they have on personal apps that they use every day, yet it’s still hard to find similar experiences in the enterprise,” she writes.

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