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When determining the annual winners of its Webby Awards, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences evaluates websites on their content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity and overall experience. Toronto-based web design firm LinxSmart strives to excel in these same criteria for the sites it develops for its clients, but it goes further than making sure the sites are a strong online face for clients. LinxSmart aims to improve clients’ efficiency and productivity. 

Ryan Barichello, owner and director of business development, launched LinxSmart five years ago from his parents’ basement. He has since built a team of nine developers, designers and account managers who serve more than 250 clients through the creation of hundreds of websites. The company uses its web design services to help clients establish or build a strong brand, but that is only the beginning of what LinxSmart offers.

“We really focus on using web applications to help our clients’ businesses run more efficiently,” Barichello says. “We create automated applications for repetitive administrative tasks or logical tasks that can be streamlined. The key is that we develop the web applications to work the way our clients want their businesses to work. We don’t make them tailor their business to what the software can do. Additionally, the systems we create are developed quickly to provide our clients with the fastest benefit.”

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