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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is probably one easiest and most effective ways to keep customers, investors and the media up to date with your organization’s latest news.  Information that you normally may not have gone out of the way to publish to all different recipients can easily be made available through RSS feeds.  This is something too few organizations take advantage of; however the smart ones are benefiting from.

Since RSS feeds contain regularly updated content, many organizations have moved to RSS subscription pages as a main part of their online public relations.  The technology has grown enormously in popularity over the years, and we can be sure that it will remain as one of the fronts of many organization’s online media rooms.

Both Microsoft and IBM syndicate information via their RSS feeds to reach specific audiences such as customers, resellers, distributors and Wall Street analysts.  Some feeds are published in a suite of topics including Microsoft Products, Microsoft Investor Relations, Software at Microsoft and much more.  Country specific RSS feeds are also very useful.

How great is it that interested visitors can subscribe to all different feeds of various topics, and read them all in a single location. Almost like having a custom newspaper printed just for you and only containing the topics you are interested in, delivered to you with updates every second! Our Toronto web design site also incorporates an RSS feed and allows us to easily inform our perspective customers of important updates. Almost all blogs contain RSS feeds, so not only can you read the news, but in these situations you can also comment and discuss the news with others.

Because of the nature of RSS technology, updates can be made to the feed without interface approval or IT support.  On the web, content is a key component to success, and RSS is one of the easiest ways to keep people informed and coming back.

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