What You May Not Know About Custom Business Software

First, before we dive into the specificities of custom business software, let us begin with a definition to better understand its risks, inherent benefits and subsequent ROI.

In a document produced by Emergence by Design Inc. entitled The Risks, Benefits & ROI of Custom Business Software, the author defines custom business software as software that’s made “from scratch” that solves the problem precisely, and “fits like a glove” within your business process.

Now that we’re acquainted with the fundamentals of custom business software, let’s take a look at how implementing such software can benefit your business.

“The development and adoption of custom software is not just a magic wand that replaces otherwise inefficient business processes; often it is a rallying point for change of many kinds, at many levels, viewed as an opportunity to examine and reshape habits throughout the business,” the author writes.

One of the great benefits of implementing custom business software, suggests the author, is that you can generally plot the ROI for any custom software project as within 1-2 years of project completion/implementation.

“As a general rule, you will increase capacity and reduce inefficiencies and unreliable processes so much so quickly that the system will seem worthwhile before it reaches implementation, by virtue of the stress it alleviates,” the author writes.  

But nothing is without its risks, and custom business software isn’t an exception.

The development of custom business software isn’t for every business/business owner/stakeholder.

“No custom software development vendor will understand your business, and will know the details and minutiae, in the same way as the owner(s) and those who operate it at the top levels,” the author writes, but adds, “Well-designed and properly-fitted custom software will be able to change and grow to meet your evolving and changing business requirements.”

In this ever-evolving business landscape, a business can’t afford to fall behind, and custom software is the future for any type of business.

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