Why Custom Software Goes Hand in Hand With Today's Digital Economy

Today’s Business Must Keep Pace to Survive

It is without question that if you own a business, today’s digital economy has you running top speed on a treadmill. You have to keep pace, or you will fall.

But what does it mean to “keep pace”?

Well, if you have a product, and another business has that same product (yet likely augmented in some fashion), you have to keep ahead of the competition to remain relevant, fresh, and different.

How does one stay ahead of the curve?

One way… excuse me… one MAJOR AND IMPORTANT way is to embrace a digital transformation.

In an article published on, author Dinesh Sharma writes that today’s businesses must make the digital transformation in order to survive today’s digital economy. “For these companies, digital transformation is not just a strategic move – it’s a fundamental part of their survival and overall business model,” Sharma writes.

Why, you ask, will the companies that make the digital transformation survive over the ones that don’t?

Sharma suggests that digital masters will emerge and win every time. “Companies that digitally transform everything they do and touch will further differentiate themselves from those that just dabble in digital services,” he writes. “Although the EIU reports that 19 per cent of companies are radically changing their business model to seize the opportunities hyperconnectivity offers, they are becoming powerful brands.”

An increasingly essential way of having your business tap into the unlimited power of the digital landscape is through custom software. As I spoke of earlier, if you have a product, and another company has a product, but you need a way to stay fresh, relevant and different — custom software is the way to go. Custom software can be the key that unlocks the hidden potential in your business, and can open it up to our digital economy.

And LinxSmart can help you on your way.

In this ever-evolving business landscape, a business can’t afford to fall behind, and custom software is the future for any type of business.

LinxSmart’s Business Apps will help bring you up to the modern standard of operation. Custom business software is all we do!

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