Why Your Business Needs to Live Up to It's Digital Potential

You Need to Step Up Your Business’s Digital Potential in Order to Compete

A digital divide has opened up in today’s business landscape. According to James Manyika, Gary Pinkus and Sree Ramaswamy, who authored the Harvard Business Review article entitled “The Most Digital Companies Are Leaving All the Rest Behind”, an ever-widening gap exists between companies that utilize the most cutting-edge technology available to us, and companies that either choose not to or aren’t aware of said technology. And, because of this so-called “divide”, the authors suggest we aren’t living up to our digital potential.

“[...]according to recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the U.S. economy operates at only 18% of its digital potential,” they write.“Sectors that lag in measures of digitization also post lower productivity performance, and since this group includes some of the heavyweights in terms of GDP contribution and employment, this creates a drag on the broader economy.”

The authors calculate that if the U.S. were to “capture the full potential of digitization, rather than just 18% of it, this could be worth at least $2 trillion to the economy.”

Now is the time to step up your business’s digital potential in order to compete in this highly-competitive arena.

Innovations in Digital Technology Make It Easier To Live Up To Your Digital Potential

The authors suggest there is reason to be optimistic. With innovators focusing their efforts more so on the consumer, digital technology is becoming more accessible and affordable.

“Digital innovation has been largely focused on consumers in recent years,” they write adding that many traditional industries such as energy and manufacturing are adopting new digital technologies which could see a move towards the era of connected cars, smart buildings, and intelligent oil fields.

If these traditional businesses can implement new technology and embrace its digital potential, you can, too. And LinxSmart’s Business Apps will get you there.

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