Why Your Business Should Be Looking to Lead the Charge Towards a Digital Future

It’s increasingly clear that all organizations must prepare for doing business in the digital world,

or risk their survival. The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the world – and the marketplace – faster than many businesses can keep up, disrupting all their plans and threatening to render them obsolete.

And it is becoming increasingly evident that CEOs, and those spearheading industries, must be the ones to instigate the needed charge towards a digital future.

In a recently published article entitled, “Who’s in Charge of the Digital Transformation? You Are!”, author and expert, Timo Elliott, writes:

“CIOs have always been told to get closer to the business—but now their very survival may depend upon it. New executive titles such as “chief data officer” are proliferating, and Gartner says there are two different types of CIOs emerging: the ‘chief innovation officers’ who spearhead the technology-led business models of the future and the “chief infrastructure officers” who are relegated to looking after the IT plumbing.”

Digital disruption is how technology can transform everything about the way businesses are run and interact with customers. And it is by digital disruption that there will be a rise of new companies that have mastered its digital transformation, and, thus, will bring about the demise of those that fail to do so.

“It’s a big difference, because digital business is a big deal,” writes Elliott, adding that he believes that by the end of this year, two-thirds of global companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. “And these transformations are changing how companies operate, calling into question the role of today’s IT in tomorrow’s business innovations.”

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