Sorry due to confidentiality, we can't actually disclose this client's name.


Our client, a large-scale custom orthotics manufacturer was working with outdated software causing inefficiencies. But after contacting LinxSmart and speaking with our expert business analysts and web developers, the solution they were looking for was ascertained, and we were able to pinpoint areas of improvement. The goal was to increase productivity and reduce time needed to submit and verify customer forms. Our client wanted one fully integrated system. LinxSmart streamlined their custom business processes into a web-based system.

Services Provided:

  • Solution Analysis
  • Business App Implementation


The LinxSmart Team designed and developed an order system that was effectively integrated with the front end (multiple client locations) and the back end (manufacturing sector) of the organization. Their clients and staff can now submit all customer orders to the system, and are able to send all forms immediately to their production facility. From there, the production facility will review the forms, verify the order, and proceed with production.

  • The Business App was integrated with the SAP for automatic data synchronization


The implementation of Business Apps resulted in the integration of our client’s ordering and manufacturing systems into one unit. This enhanced business process we’ve developed means a reduction in costs and time required to fulfill orders.